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Steve Stevens:"We actually did an AB test with your Vibe
and for Les Paul style guitars, we found it to be much more
useful. I love the pedal"

The VibeTool®, a compact and flexible Vibe based on the Shin-Ei Uni-vibe 

The VibeTool is based on the original Shin-Ei Uni-vibe extended with features that increase useability. With the TMF adjustment you can dial in the amount of bottom to adapt to different types of guitar.

Like the original Uni-vibe, the VibeTool is a 4 stage phase shifter device implemented with discrete transistors and 4 phase shifting stages based on variable RC filters build up of a capacitor and a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR). The value of the resistance is varied by means of a light bulb with a sinusoidal control signal thereby creating the phasing effect.

VibeTool Uni Vibe

VibeTool Standard € 399,- 
(Free WW shipping)

Shin Ei Uni vibe

Original 1960'ties Shin Ei Uni-Vibe


Based on original Shin Ei Univibe circuit Original UniVibe

Quality matched & calibrated components Optimal & consistent sound

T.M.F Adjusting the amount of low end and thereby making a Les Paul guitar sound right with a Vibe

The Paul Switch® Robust true bypass footswitch to switch the effect on/off avoiding tone sucking and adjusted for unity gain

Dual color led (red/blue) 

Indicating effect on & Vibe speed in both on/off mode

18 Volt power supply input
Increased headroom providing a clean signal integrity with high amplitude input signals


Extended speed range
Increased maximum speed of 9 Hz, original Uni-Vibe is 4.5 Hz


Easy Foot adjustment of the Vibe speed No need for an expression pedal

Shin-Ei Uni-vibe History

The Uni-vibe was developed by the company Shin-Ei in 1968 by engineer Fumio Mieda. It was meant to be a Lesley simulator but sounds more like a phase shifter device as it is based on phase shifting  technology. The Uni-vibe was one of the first phasers available in the market. The major difference with a standard phaser (e.g. MXR Phase 90) is that the four phase shifting stages each having a different frequency setting making the “wobble” sound more musical.
Notable users of the Uni-vibe are Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. The real Uni-vibe sound can be heard on Robin Trower’s “Bridge of Sighs”, Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun” and Pink Floyd’s “Breathe”

Michael Thompson checking out the VibeTool

Sam Vilo checking out the VibeTool

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