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Developed in collaboration with Tony Spinner

Tony Spinner:"I just spent some time playing the Tony‘s
BenderTool and my ears are ringing! That is a good thing.
This pedal gets the classic sound that Jeff Beck used to have
during The Jeff Beck Group days! Unbelievable controlled

Tony's BenderTool©, an enhanced Tonebender based on the Sola Sound Tonebender MKII


The Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII is a Fuzz Face circuit with an added gain stage upfront, resulting in a high gain character. Next to that some values of passive components are changed giving it a more trebly and less bassy character compared to a Fuzz Face.
Despite the high gain character the Tony's BenderTool has an excellent dynamics and clean up character reacting on your playing dynamics and use of guitar volume knob. Because of the high gain and the broad frequency spectrum the Tony's BenderTool can easily slip into controlled feedback. The original Sola Sound promotional leaflet stated that up to 20 seconds! of sustain can be achieved.

Tonys BenderTool Sola Sound Tonebender MKII professional

Tony's BenderTool Standard
€ 319,- 
(Free WW shipping)

Tonys BenderTool Junior Sola Sound Tonebender MKII professional

Tony's BenderTool Junior
€ 239,- 
(Free WW shipping)


Matched transistor setup Matched set of 3 NOS germanium transistors with the correct sound character, gains and leakage current for an optimal sound with good clean up character turning back your guitar volume.


Fuzz control Adjust the Fuzz/gain level of the effect.


Continuous variable range control (T.M.F.) Dial in the amount of low end and go from thick fuzz to dynamic distortion.


Volume control Adjust the overall output volume of the effect. 50% is unity gain.


The PaulSwitch® Robust true bypass footswitch to switch effect on/off & to avoid tone sucking in bypass operation.


External power supply Providing the option to use an external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound.


Reverse and over voltage protection Protect the sensitive germanium transistor and keeping the pedal running for many years to come


Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppression Avoiding radio signal reception when using high gain setting in combination with turning down guitar volume

* Pre warning Battery low indication Giving the opportunity to changeover batteries before the effect stops working

* Impedance Conversion Interface (on/off) Converting an active input signal (EMG pickups, Wireless system) to a signal suited for the FuzzTool and thus retaining the character of the effect

* Extra Feature on the Standard Version

Sola Sound Tonebender professional MKII Tone Bender

Original 1960'ties Tone Bender Professional MKII

Sola sound Tonebender MKII History

The Sola Sound Tonebender MKII is a legendary fuzz pedal from the 1960’ties and has become a legend amongst guitarist world wide because of it’s high gain character. It is originally developed around 1967 by UK based company called Sola Sound. Amongst legendary guitar players who create(d) their unique sound with a Sola Sound Tonebender MKII are Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck.

Tony Spinner checking out the Tony's BenderTool #1

Sam Vilo checking out the Tony's BenderTool

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