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The common roots of Guitarsystems & N.E.R.D. - "The boys are back in Town"


In my high school period back in the 1970’ties Paul and I played in a local band called Funktion. We played from Fleetwood Mac up to Thin Lizzy (my favorite). In that time Paul was already experimenting with guitars and related equipment. The first rack he build was based on four Boss effect pedals mounted in a flight case with an integrated power supply and a remote control pedal. I bought it from him after he wanted to build something bigger. It was basic but very effective. After I graduated high school in 1981 and went studying electronics & computer science my playing frequency dropped dramatically. During my study I worked part time in a local Music Store “Arnolds Deal” selling and repairing musical instruments and did some experimenting with building guitar effects based on op amp technology.


Paul and I occasionally played on the Apollo open stage performing Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are back in Town” in various band formations.

After I graduated my electronics & computer science study in 1987 and started working in the High Tech electronics & software industry as a development engineer, the guitar playing frequency dropped even more. I kept my guitar set in the attic and did not touch it for about 8 years. In 2004 I took up the initiative to set up the Apollo Revival event in which about 30 musicians, that had played in the Apollo café during it’s existence, participated (www.apollo-revival.nl). I started guitar playing again and rediscovered my interest in guitars and musical equipment.


During this period a common friend told me that Paul was setting up his rack building business and needed someone for supporting him with electronics repairs. I contacted Paul, did some repairs for him and after a short period Paul introduced the idea of creating a Guitarsystems pedal “The BuffTool©” a preset-able clean boost pedal with VU led readout, galvanic isolated output and the PaulSwitch®. The first two prototypes of this pedal are created, tested and optimized. The final version of the BuffTool© is still under construction (status August 2007). Next to this we developed the TrebleTool©, a high quality Germanium based Treble Booster and many more Tools to come….

New Effects Research & Development

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