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"How Oldskool pedals became my passion"

"The Quest for the ultimate Fuzz"

I have Playing guitar from the age 15 years onwards. My first electric guitar I bought from a friend, a 1969 Fender Telecaster blonde, rosewoord fretboard and modded with a DiMarzio neck pickup. I still regret that I have traded it for a CIMAR Stratocaster clone...

After I finished my Highschool I graduated in Electronics, in that time still combined analog, digital technologies inclusive software...

I worked in a local musical instrument shop "Arnolds Deal" next to my study selling gear and doing some repair work.

After some years of slowing down guitar playing and focussing on my regular job as a electronics/software engineer. I started repairing pedals on request of a friend, Paul Lenders. He started his own business, Paul Lenders GuitarSystems, in 2000. After a few reapairs I became bored with it and was looking for something more challeging and rewarding. Browsing on the internet I came accross the Analogman Beano Boost Treblebooster. It attracted me because of the simplicity of the concept. The core of it is based on a single germanium transistor surrounded by only a few passive components. Basically it is a clone of the 1965 Dallas Rangemaster. This started my search for germanium transistors on Ebay. I found some that gave a good result in the Rangemaster setup.


My quest for germanium transistors started in 2007 and resulted in having gathered New Old Stock germanium transistors of various types from Mullard/Philips OC44, OC71, OC75 to AC125, AC128 and AC176. Also various NOS Russian transistors like MP21, GT308 and P27 are amongst the stock I have build. 

Book Analogman

Keeley Javaboost

Vintage pedals


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Established in 2007


Making the world a fuzzier place... fuzzcentral 

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