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"Drive your amp into dynamic distortion"

The DriveTool®, a dynamic overdrive based on the Craig Andertons Tube Sound Fuzz 

The DriveTool Junior core is based on the Tube Sound Fuzzprinciple of Mr. Craig Anderton
using CMOS technology. The advantage of this principle is a high dynamic range and very responsive string attack. The clean up suing your guitar's volume knob works perfectly. The frequency response of the DriveTool Junior is tweaked to be like the Centaur Klon and thus much more tight than the Red Llama. Further it is extended with a versatile tone control (TMF) to adjust the treble response so that it can be used on different types of amps without getting to fuzzy or shrill. A noise reducing powersupply filter takes out the noise and reduces the current consumption to less than 3 mA. For the DriveTool Junior original NOS CMOS logic chips dated from 1982 are used,giving it a smooth and lowest noise character.


DriveTool Junior € 209,- 
(Incl. 21% VAT & WW shipping)

Red Llama.png

Original Way Huge Red LLama


NOS (1982) CMOS IC smooth and lowest noise performance

Drive control control the amount of drive

T.M.F. control dial in the amount of treble with a specific amp

Volume control adjust the overall output volume of the effect

The PaulSwitch Jr.® robust true bypass footswitch toswitch effect on/off & to avoid tone sucking in bypass operation

External power supply (noise reduced) providing the option to use an external power supply without inducing noise or changing the character of the sound. Ultra low powerconsumption < 1 mA

Reverse and over voltage protection to protect the CMOS IC and keeping the pedal running for many years to come

Tube Sound Fuzz History

In the early 90'ties Mr. Craig Anderton published the Tube Sound Fuzz. It's not a Fuzz like the name indicates but a
dynamic overdrive based on the unconventional use of CMOS logic chips amplifying analog (guitar) signals. In the late 90'ties Way Huge used this principle for creating the Red Llama, famous for it's transparent high output capabilities driving a tube amp into dynamic crunch or high gain. The Tube
Sound Fuzz /Red Llama also has a good clean up character making the use of your volume knob very functional. The
original principle of Mr. Craig Anderton is further used over
time in several effect designs of small and big guitar effect building companies.

Sam Vilo checking out the DriveTool

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